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Metal Shearing Services
                                in Brooks

Do you need aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel sheets with a clean straight cut and minimum waste for your projects in Brooks? Then look no further. Our team at Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd offers top-quality metal shearing services that meet the demands of our clients.


Being in the business for 56 years, our experienced team has been providing chip-free and kerf-free cut quality end-products, ensuring no deformation, melting, or burning damage to the metal sheet. Our metal shearing equipment helps us tackle metal shearing or cutting jobs of various sizes, producing thousands of pieces per hour.


Contact our team at Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd to see how we can help you with your metal cutting requirements!

Our team is equipped with the following power-packed machines that ensure to deliver shearing jobs on time:



  • ½” shear (Aluminum/SS only) up to ¾” AL and 3/8” SS


  • ¼” shear-shears 24 gauge up to ¼” thick (mild steel) up to 10 feet long

  • ½” shear- shears 12 gauge up to ½” thick (mild steel) up to 12 feet long

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Technology We Use


Need Straight Line Cuts?

Our trained team uses high-end equipment to cut aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel.

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