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Laser Cutting Machines
                              in Brooks

Accuracy is the key when it comes to cutting and shaping metals. Our team at Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd offers CNC laser cutting solutions, providing accurate shape formation for small and large metal parts. The laser machine enables increased production times with greater precision and accuracy, with minimal operator intervention, reducing human error. We focus on every attention to detail, producing quality products of various designs, shapes, and sizes.


Our skilled technicians in Brooks control all technical parameters and offer a reliable, stable, and highly accurate laser cutting for aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel metals. Connect with us for your intricate metal design works, and we will do the rest!

Our Machine
Mitsubishi 2.7 KW Dual                                           Shuttle Table

The laser equipment we use at Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd offers maximum productivity and quick turnaround time without compromising quality. We use:

  • Cut size: 5’ x 10’ max

  • 3/8” mild steel max

  • 5/16” stainless steel max

  • 5/16” aluminum max

  • Tolerances +/-0.003”

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