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Bandsaw Cutting Machinery                                               in Brooks

Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd has bandsaw cutting equipment that includes S-23 Series Bandsaw (2 SAWS), S-20 Series Bandsaw (1 SAW), and VW-18 SERIES 2. The saws in our facility in Brooks feature scissor style, swing head design and provide exceptional mitre cutting capability for light to medium applications. Features also include 90-45 degree angle cuts, hydraulic scissor lift and vice. 20" wide and 16" high cutting capability at 90 degrees.


The VW 18 Series 2 is a manual vertical bandsaw with the ability to mitre from 45 degrees left or right. Our model is able to cut at 90 degrees with a 3 degree tilt of the head. The cut capacity of 22" high and 18" wide at 90 degrees. Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd is the reliable choice for all your medium-duty projects!


Need Bandsaw Cutting Services?

We advanced cutting equipment to handle your project.

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